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Digital Marketing Made Simple” (DMMS) is the company you can trust to help you navigate your web presence. Whether you need help building or managing your website, your digital vendors or getting on page one of a Google search DMMS can help.

Need more leads? Does your mobile site need to be updated? If you want to finally get a handle on your analytics or simply want to hire someone who knows how? DMMS can help.

Is your social media an issue? Bad reviews? Not enough reviews? Need to train your staff on how to use social media? DMMS can help train your staff or manage your social media presence.

Blogging is still an important function for your SEO (search engine optimization). DMMS can help you develop a blog with targeted keywords to optimize your SEO and increase your web presence.

That’s why we offer comprehensive solutions to develop and optimize your blog content, ensuring it aligns with your targeted keywords and significantly boosts your web presence. Our team of skilled content creators and SEO experts work closely with you to identify the most relevant and high-impact keywords in your industry.

What is content management?

Content management is making sure the right content is on the right page attracting the right people so they stay on your site longer and engage in more features that lead to form submit which most business owners call a lead.  DMMS can help.

Advertising in the digital arena is similar to traditional advertising but, different. DMMS understands both. We can integrate those media to display a congruent message to your target market. DMMS can help with display ads, mobile app ads, re-marketing ads, Google ads, geo-fence ads (ads sent to your competitors customers).

DMMS has been trusted to help Small to Medium (SMB’s) sized businesses in the United States for 11 years. DMMS, based in Austin, Texas, can evaluate, plan and implement and/or manage your entire web presence.

Not many Digital Marketing businesses can boast 20 years of experience with traditional marketing and over 11 years experience with digital marketing. Digital Marketing Made Simple has proven experience increasing digital lead generation resulting in more sales for your business. We’re the best at Digital Marketing.


DMMS (Digital Marketing Made Simple) partners with small to medium sized businesses (SMB’s) with our sweet spot averaging around $20 million to $50 million in revenue. Our clients choose us because they simply don’t have the time, man power, or desire to manage their online web presence. From mobile, Google My Business, website modifications and development, Internet marketing strategy, to managing vendors or all things Google, Digital Marketing Made Simple manages your traditional and/or online marketing.

Your mobile presence is critical more than ever and relevant content still prevails!

Digital Marketing Made Simple


An unbiased approach, that’s how we do it!

We work for you not a vendor, so we have your business goals in mind. We’ll evaluate, plan, and implement the right solutions tailored for your business managing some or all of your web presence. You choose the best fit for your current infrastructure. Control your expenses by choosing the billing option that’s comfortable: hourly, by project, or set a monthly retainer. Digital Marketing Made Simple is your trusted Digital Manager.

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Digital Marketing Made Simple

Digital Marketing Made Simple

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DMMS (Digital Marketing Made Simple)


DMMS (Digital Marketing Made Simple)

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