Website Management

Website Management

Are You Confident You’re Effectively Managing Your Digital Marketing?

Digital Management is one of the biggest problems for businesses today. You have one to two new vendors calling every day to sell you their digital products from Yelp to Google to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Email campaigns to Display Advertising, and on and on. Whose pitch do you listen to? Which product do you buy and when? Like most businesses you probably buy a product because the salesperson was easy to understand or likable. We all do it, there’s no shame in that. But, is it the product you need right now? Is your website ready for the products you dobuy?

Google Ad Words or Pay Per Click (PPC) seems like a product where…you can’t loose.  Every impression is free, until someone clicks. A sound business decision, right? You spend x amount of money on a Google Ad Words (PPC) campaign and get a ton of clicks but do they turn into sales? customers|clients? patients? New potential customers are coming to your site from your PPC campaign, what are you doing with them? In other words, how are you managing those new visitors?

Are you providing your new visitor the information they want to see? Are you enticing them with quality images and video? Is that new visitor, you just paid for, staying long enough on your site? How long, is long enough? How do you stay in front of that new visitor once they leave your website? How do you talk to them 3 months later? Are you putting your name in front of them when they walk into your competitor?

What about mobile…is your visitor getting an amazing experience on their mobile device? For more than two years, mobile visits have out numbered desktop visits. Digital Marketing is changing is fast. Digital Marketing has become so complex and time consuming that it’s impossible to keep up with the changes happening daily, monthly in the industry.

So, I’ll ask again….Are You Confident You’re Effectively Managing Your Digital Marketing?

Successful businesses outsource their Digital Marketing and hire people to manage their Digital Web Presence. They choose a trusted adviser to understand your unique business goals and turn those goals into actionable items online while integrating your traditional efforts to provide a cohesive marketing effort for maximum return.

Whether your goal is to get more leads, make more sales, beat your competitor for a higher position in a Google search, gain the market share you lost in the last 5 years, or sell your business, you deserve a professional digital marketing team to help you get there.

Start benefiting from increased lead generation, higher online conversions that lead to increased sales and revenue for your business.

You’re missing opportunities right now! Get Started today!